Music Video Review: Victoria Kimani – Lover Ft Phyno

Music Video Review: Victoria Kimani – Lover Ft Phyno

Kimani in 'Lover' /via YouTube

Victoria Kimani is probably the biggest, female, Kenyan name in music right now. No one can take away from her awesomeness. Well, maybe except this song. 

The music video for ‘Lover’ is great. The opening scene is beautiful, accompanied by uber gorge chandeliers and some really on point costumes. That’s not the problem though, ‘Lover’ should probably not have been the choice to go with when picking the next single from her debut album, 'Safari' (which she deserves all the props for because Kenyan musicians just don’t do albums). 

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Unfortunately, Kimani’s love message gets lost in the weak lyrics (that sound like they were written by a 2-year-old for 2 minutes) and horrendous auto-tune (are we still doing this by the way in 2017!) I mean auto-tune is okay when its subtly done but Chocolate City threw caution to the wind and went all in on this song. Where did labels go wrong in thinking that it’s a substitute for talent? And it’s not that Ms. Kimani can’t sing; her voice is actually very pleasant to listen to. She has one of those Rihanna-esque voices, that are so distinct that there’s no way you’d miss the artist behind them. So why would they ruin a good thing with this bad audio enhancing mechanism?

Kimani in 'Lover' /via YouTube

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If the intention for ‘Lover’ was to be a cool and hip song about crushing on someone, then the creative team behind this song did a not so great job with execution for it. It comes off as a badly manufactured pop song that would never see the light of day in an album track list. Honestly, have a listen and tell me if it’s not one of those rejectable songs that no one in their right mind would ever buy. 

Phyno shows up to do his verse for 34 seconds; yes, I counted. Let’s put it this way, I never was a fan of his, and it’s not about to start now.  

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Victoria Kimani definitely has the potential to make a banger! One that both people in the club and individuals listening on their phones and/or iPods (if you still have one of those) would love listening to. I mean did you witness the slayage that was ‘Show’? It was absolutely ICONIC. ‘Lover’ however should have remained Victoria’s little secret with her label. It’s a horrible song, with horrible sound, arrangement and execution. There’s only so much the music video can do to try and save it. 

Watch the video here: 

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