Movie Review: “Clifford the Big Red Dog” Growing on Love

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: December 20, 2021  

The Rundown

Clifford the Big Red Dog is based on the late 1960s beloved children’s book series of the same name by Norman Bridwell. It’s about the misadventures of Emily, a middle school student and her gigantic red pup.

Emily is just a regular kid who feels awkward and left out in her snooty school. She has no friends and gets bullied everyday. One day, at an animal shelter, Emily comes across an odd looking pup with scarlet fur. The custodian of the shelter explains that the puppy will grow bigger if Emily loves him dearly. 

She names him Clifford and takes him home. He grows into a colossal dog in a tiny apartment and hilarity ensues as Emily and her uncle struggle to contain him. 

You can’t keep a giant dog a secret for long and soon Emily and her giant friend get caught up in perilous adventures trying to stay together.  

The Review

If you read a bit of Bridwell as a kid, you’ll appreciate this nostalgic ride down memory lane. It was great seeing Clifford in CGI form in contemporary New York. Saturday night cast members were a great addition and Emily is a gifted child actress.

This is a wholesome movie the fam will enjoy. Some of the humour is deadpan and may not be understood or enjoyed by kids but overall it’s a kid friendly movie.

        The Hits

  • They did really well with that giant CGI dog. A visual masterpiece!
  • Seeing Clifford lack self awareness as a giant pup and doing small pup things was hilarious to watch.

The Misses

  • One of the characters kept switching accents and it was annoying. 

OMG Moment

  • The crazy chase in Manhattan. Imagine seeing a big red dog run all over town. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog is now playing in cinemas. Be sure to get your tickets from KenyaBuzz!


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