Memories of Love Finale: It Is a Happy Ending for Ivan and Andeng

Article by Flora
Posted: May 23, 2019

NTV’s Filipino serye, Memories of Love ends with a happy ending for Ivan and Andeng. They had a rollercoaster kind of relationship with many people standing in their way but they eventually managed to find their way to each other.

At the beginning, Andeng was with Joseph while Ivan had Bethany. Ivan’s fugue condition brought them together and Ivan used Joseph’s memories to win Andrea’s love. Things got complicated when Joseph returned and took Andrea back. Meanwhile, Ivan recovered his memories and tried to get back with Bethany.

Ivan however broke up with Bethany since he could not forget about Andeng. Meanwhile, Andeng tried to rekindle her relationship with Joseph. Yasmine however appeared claiming to be pregnant with Joseph’s child. Andrea still decided to stay with Joseph but in the end, their complicated situation would not work out. This provided the perfect opportunity for Andeng to get back together with Ivan.

In the end, Andeng chose Ivan and have a family with him while Joseph decided to take care of his son with Yasmine, giving a satisfactory everyone.

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