Medicos: Who is Your Favorite Doctor?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 21, 2021  

The medical team on Citizen Tv’s Medicos has some of the best and handsome doctors at Mexico’s Medical Institute. Which of the doctors from the ensemble cast would you prefer to treat you?

David (David Arenas)

He might be haughty and feisty but David is deeply passionate about medicine. He is serious about his work and refuses to let anyone interfere with his work process. He may be a little reckless but he goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients are well taken care of.

Arturo (Rodolfo Salas)

Arturo is the martyr kind of doctor. He is soft spoken, diligent and charming. With effortless charisma, he is always ready and eager to take care of his patients.

Rafael (Federico Ayos)

Rafael is the life of the party! Although carefree, Rafael is serious enough when it matters. He will put his locks away to make sure his patients receive the best treatment.

Which of Medicos’ gorgeous doctors is your preferred type of doctor?

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