Medicos: Sergio Cheats on Regina

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: October 15, 2020  

Medicos starts on a high with an already complicated situation for protagonist, Regina. A dedicated doctor, she was appointed as the head of the emergency ward and lived a happy life with her husband, Sergio. He prepared a surprise for her to celebrate her new appointment and things seemed to be going perfect for her. That was until she caught him cheating on her in their own house!

Regina is devastated with her husband, whom she thought she knew well during their ten-year marriage. After the incident, she was distracted at work and couldn’t perform her duties properly. She therefore asked Gonzalo to give her position to someone else. Gonzalo however insisted that she could handle it and asked her not to give up the only thing that made her happy, her work.

Sergio insists on continuing his marriage to Regina and sees his ‘mistake’ as only a one-time thing. Do you think Regina should forgive Sergio and save their marriage?

You can follow Medicos on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm.


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