Medicos: Gonzalo Fired as Director of the Medical Institute

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: February 04, 2021  

The biggest twist on Medicos this week, Gonzalo is no longer the director of the Medical Institute! Renee orchestrated a series of events that lent doubt to Gonzalo’s competence in leading the Institute.

First, Renee messed with the orders for the hospital’s air conditioning maintenance, making patients go through a difficult period. It was too hot for the admitted patients and they risked having their wounds infected. After Gonzalo managed to resolve this, the electricity went out and there was no fuel to power the generators. The doctors had to perform surgery in the darkness with no way to monitor the patients. With each incident, Renee contacted the board members and health secretary to let them know what was going on at the institute.

The final opportunity for Renee arrived when Gonzalo’s ex-wife, Aurora, who is suffering from cancer, was admitted at the institute. Renee asked a nurse to hide the limited chemo medication in her room, making it seem like Gonzalo hid it for Aurora. He then reported Gonzalo to the health secretary, who decided to dismiss Gonzalo and place him on administrative investigation. Renee was then appointed as the interim director of the institute.

Gonzalo was aware of Renee’s intention to sabotage him and hence sought help from expert lawyer, Alonso Dela Vega. Will he manage to prove his innocence and get back his position as Institute director? You can follow Medicos on Citizen TV to find out.

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