Matigari: Socially Conscious Kids’ Library and Bookclub

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: October 16, 2020

Still on that Mashujaa Day high, here’s a patriotic library and book club you might want your kids to be part of- Matigari Book Club.

Matigari book club has a collection of child-friendly Pan-African non fiction books & novels, afro-centric colouring books and zines

Here, kids get to learn history lessons not taught in the curriculum. They discuss a book every fortnight and are also taught civic education.

Based at  Mathare Social Justice Centre,  Matigari book club was co-founded by the young, indomitable social justice activist  Juliet Wanjira. You might remember her from  the SabaSaba day protests on 7th July when she stood up to the cops.

Matigari is a Kikuyu word that translates to remnants. Remnants of what you ask? Freedom fighters, patriots and revolutionaries.

The book club derives its name from Ngugi Wa Thiong’os 1986 book Matigari.

They Tried to Bury Us, They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds.

If you’d like your child to  be part of this or if you have books to donate, please email Mathare Social Justice Centre:

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