Master Dufla Spices Up ‘Katapila’ with a Fena Remix

Article by Timothy
Posted: March 07, 2019  

KB: Dufla, you have a remix out to the mega hit ‘Katapila’ right now, spill the beans!

Hahaha…Imagine I had not even planned to have a remix to the song till Fena came along.

KB: And How did that come about?

Fena is someone whose vibe I respect so much. Since the original ‘Katapila’ came out, she’s been supporting the song such that one time while she was in Namibia, was asked a question about her favorite Kenyan song. She said ‘Katapila’!

So one time, she reached out and wanted us to do a remix to the song. I consulted with the team, they gave me the green light. I called her back and forwarded instrumentals to her.

KB: So when did the balls start rolling in creating this masterpiece?

Ah! Early December. She came through to my studio along Ngong road, we sat down and recorded for almost four hours. She killed it!

KB: The video is quite dope by the way! When did you guys shoot it?

We also shot the video around late December. We had planned to actually release the video that same month but setbacks came about. We had to make some changes to the video where I had to reshoot a certain part on the video so it took longer than expected.

KB: Who produced and directed the ‘Katapila Remix’?

I maintained the same people as the those that were part of the original ‘Katapila’. Visita did the production and Young Wallace still did the video directing.

KB: How would you describe the fans’ reactions to the ‘Katapila Remix’?

The original did good from the fans’ reception. The remix has received such great reception that it has accrued over 109,000 views on YouTube! Basically surpassed the original ‘Katapila’ in terms of video views in just two weeks.

Any more projects we can expect in 2019?

Yes. I have a new single coming by end of March. Trust me that will be a street hit! I’ll also be having collabos in East Africa and probably drop an album.

Last word to your fans?

Keep supporting me and dancehall music.

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