Manly and Masculine: What Does That Mean, Anyway?

Article by Love Matters
Posted: September 09, 2020  

Is gender just a title limited to the genitalia you are born with or is it so much more?

My best friend Mark and I had been texting all day. I was bored and couldn’t watch TV since Kenya Power and Lighting wouldn’t let me prosper: there had was a power outage. I was sharing pictures of clothes I wanted to buy online.

‘Women’s clothes are so much prettier than men’s clothes. You think I’d look good in some of these?’ he texted.

‘Yup, you should try them sometime!’ I replied, giggling to myself at the thought of Mark in a crop top.

I was joking but I also thought that everyone should wear a skirt from time to time since they are pretty and comfortable. Also, there was no way men were more comfortable wearing trousers that constricted their groins.

‘Jess, I actually really want to wear dresses. But as a man, I would be judged, yeah? People would think I was gay… And cross-dressing isn’t really a thing seen on these Kenyan streets?’

I didn’t respond. I hadn’t expected that response at all. I had so many questions but wasn’t sure how to broach them without offending.

Did those unnecessarily tight trousers guys seem to prefer now hold masculinity together?

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