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Posted: December 02, 2019

It is interesting to think that a few years ago, you could only read a paperback. Back the writing was more rigid and but technology had other plans, like it always does. It gave us computers, mobile phones and the internet and WordPress, opening up the playing field.

The best part is the well-cut streams have multiplied and joined together at this digital confluence and the outcome; a flurry of new creative writers who send out their works to the world like ships to the open seas.


He is probably the most established blogger in Kenya. The don. Bikozulu, whose blog goes by the tagline “everything is a story” is a beautiful landing page for any lover of creative writing. His well-developed sense of communication that is overly simple yet descriptive to a fault has seen him win the hearts of many readers who follow his work with a sense of unashamed adoration; or how else can we explain that this thing of “I-commented-first” each time he does a new post?

Bikozulu has won the best creative writer at the BAKE awards severally and has recently written a book “drunk” which you can get a copy of here.


William Magunga, an interesting chap this one. Despite following a career in law, he later branched out and followed his passion for writing. He is also the brains behind Magunga book store one of the few online bookstores that exist in Nairobi.

Magunga, now a two-time BAKE award winner continues to wow us with his words, and how effortlessly he breathes life into his stories something that has won him a lot of following and granted him the status of a social influencer. His blog is something you should take some time and read, trust me you’ll look for the subscribe button after reading the first post.

Mark Maish

This BAKE award winner of 2017, doubles up as a business man, radio host and social influencer despite having a background in engineering. His work is very eye-opening especially to the average millennial, he seeks to enlighten the youth especially on matters careers and how to break away from the status quo. His work is worth any readers time. Its been a while since he posted but we hope he finds his way back to writing. His series on perception vs reality on his blog made big waves and improved his standing as a blogger.

Mark Majesty

The IT guy! This creative writer is on another level, he is very punny and interesting explaining in detail the life of the everyday IT guy and what goes on in his life. On one post he asks, how can I throw tomatoes into my laptop bag? There is a mouse in there. Do you see what he did there? His punny style and short but captivating articles are the sums of the intrigues of this blog. Also, he breaks the monotony of text with really cool illustrations and it does it for many of us his readers.


His blog Kisauti, is also a great landing page for anyone browsing the web for good content, he has his way with words this one; the way he describes situations is spot on and you can almost feel yourself in the same frame as him from his descriptions. His work is great and more often than not he brings out the hustle involved in being a young writer in Kenya today.

He has three books:

The Engagement

Drug Paradise

The Sponsor

He is a force to watch out for.


Flying under the tagline of “diary of a mad man”, this author is trying to find a voice for himself in an already established blogosphere, his descriptions are his best export, also reading through his blog it is hard not to notice how he can elicit emotions through his words. Also, interesting is how he does his interviews. Though green and freshly starting this blogger carries with him a great promise of being a top writer soon.

Shad The Rackter

This blog has an overly interesting tagline; Musings at their best, what life gave me and how I use it. Two lemons and a vodka bottle. This tagline opens up a window into what this blog is about, the author is very descriptive and overly thought-provoking in his work. His choice of images and overall style and outlook of his blog is also something worth looking at.

Who else do you think has been left out on this list?


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