Malaika Firth at This Season’s Key Beauty Looks

Malaika Firth at This Season’s Key Beauty Looks

The life story of Malaika Firth is the kind of story you would witness in a Hollywood production and still think it’s a bit farfetched even so. Fortunately for her and hundreds of girls that find inspiration in her story, it’s all 100% real and by reading this article you will get to know it too.

The Road from Kenya to the Catwalk
Born in Kenya, Malaika Firth eventually moved with the family in the UK when she was only 7. They were living in Barking and since her parents were busy with work in order to provide for her, she spent a lot of time watching ‘The Model Agency’ on Channel 4. That’s where it all started. Later on, Malaika Firth convinced her mother to call the agency that was presented in the show and things started to move forward from there on.

After the auditions, everybody was simply in love with the natural, yet sophisticated way that Malaika Firth photos were sending. One thing lead to another and before she knew it, she was asked to do a Prada Commercial in 20 years, since Naomi Campbell.

Did not Forget Her Roots
Looking at life through Malaika Firth eyes, it’s quite a rollercoaster from being born in Kenya to 17 years later send the money to build a house back home from your modelling jobs. But right from the start she had a very clear destination for her modeling money. Malaika Firth wanted, first of all, to provide for her family and give back for all the times they struggled to give Malaika Firth a better life. A good thing they did not turn to websites like https://vogueplay.com/pl/ to do so. After she was done with helping her folks get on their feet, Malaika Firth moved to New York where she lives in the Upper West Side. Here, she stated she intends to open her own Malaika Firth makeup line and continue developing her modelling career. The modelling jobs keep on coming for Malaika Firth and since she can now afford it, she started to take acting lessons because that was her dream as a little girl. She actually stated that if it wasn’t for modelling, she would have probably tried to make it as an actress.

Only by seeing some of the Malaika Firth photos you can imagine how good she would look in a high-budget movie and she has everything needed to become the next big Hollywood star. Now it’s all up to her to handle all the money and fame and not get distracted from her way of becoming one of the greatest models. But if we know Malaika Firth, the safest bet is that she will keep fighting for what she desires and we will definitely hear a lot more from Malaika Firth.




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