‘Magic for Humans’ Series Review: A Different Kind of TV Magic Show

Article by Lena Anyuolo
Posted: September 12, 2018

Magic shows- they’re like crack for illusion lovers. They are thrilling because you hardly ever know the outcome of a trick. I enjoyed the movie Now You See Me and on TV, Criss Angel Mindfreak used to blow me away.

Justin Willman’s Magic for Humans is different in the sense that not only does he perform tricks to wow the general public, he also explores how ordinary people relate with magic, depending on the episode’s theme. In each episode, he sources regular people from the street, sometimes using them to try and convince them that they are invisible, or to explore the concept of minimalism or self control, our attachment to technology and the apparent positives or negatives tied too this attachment, or the American public’s concern about the government’s infringement on their right to privacy.

The themes might seem a little heavy on paper, but Willman’s comedic touch lightens them up, so that you get entertained while getting educated.

Tip: Once you’re done watching the show, check out the Reddit thread by skeptics and their reasons for thinking some of Willman’s tricks are stage-managed or that they are camera tricks. You can read Willman’s responses here.

The six part series is available on Netflix. Each episode is about 30 minutes long.

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