Lupita Nyong’o to Star in ‘Little Monsters’ Comedy Horror

Article by Oliver
Posted: August 05, 2019

Lupita Nyong’o is set to star as the dream zombie apocalypse savior in the upcoming “Little Monsters” movie. The hilariously horrifying comedy trailer shows Nyong’o playing Miss Caroline, a young teacher on a school field trip, accompanied by lovelorn chaperone (Alexander England) and a children’s television host (Josh Gad), who are overrun by zombies.

The adults attempt to shield the impressionable children from the gory events, attempting to explain the scenarios in a light-hearted manner using children’s games. The Abe Forsythe-directed film swoops into UK theatres November 15th. Dates for the US and world premiere are yet to be announced.

Lupita recently featured in “Us movie”, an original Jordan Peele-directed horror flick which became a blockbuster phenomenon, with record-breaking sales.

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