Lovy Longomba Returns to Kenya in Honor of His Late Brother

Article by Oliver Nash
Posted: March 26, 2021  

Lovy Longomba, one half of the renowned Kenyan group Longombas, has returned home after nearly a decade away. This comes after the tragic death of his twin brother and colleague from their award-winning music duo, which had hit songs like “Vuta Pumz,” “Dondosa,” “Piga Makofi,” and “Shika More.” Since leaving Kenya 16 years ago, the singer-songwriter and three-time Grammy-nominated record producer has been living in Los Angeles with his brother.

Lovy’s solemn return to his hometown comes on the heels of Christian Longomba’s death after a long illness. “I came back home in honor of my brother Christian,” Lovy says. “This trip was supposed to be made by me and him at some point this year but God had other plans.”

Many people are curious if Lovy would make a comeback in the music industry. He says, “It will take me some time to work on music again because my partner is no longer here with me. I need to heal. Christian was still writing with me even when he could not record. We have so many songs, maybe at some point I will put them out.”

Lovy will meet with family and friends in Kenya to pay their respects to Christian. He further expresses gratitude for the outpouring of love and encouragement his family has received since Christian’s death. “It’s truly overwhelming. I must confess that the love we have received is so far healing us,” adding, “Christian stood for his love for God, family and music. His unique voice like my late father Lovy Senior will be in the hearts of Kenyans forever.”

Longombas’ sound was a mix of modern Hip-Hop and a tinge of Soukous, which is strongly inspired by their Congolese origins. “There are so many [great and joint] memories because me and Christian have been inseparable to this point, but one of my favorite memories will always be the excitement he had when we finished writing and recording our first song “Dondosa,” Lovy remarks while reminiscing about their glory days.

The celebrated dynamic duo had a fruitful music career in Kenya, collaborating with other groundbreaking voices of mainstream Kenyan music in the 2000s under the Ogopa DJs label and their imprint Bad Man Camp. Deux Vultures, Mr. Googz, and Vinnie Banton were among them.

Looking back, Lovy is proud of the influence Longombas had on the Kenyan music industry at a pivotal time. “We pioneered and changed the sound of local music. We raised the standard so high when it came to performing and stage presence.”



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