Love Wins for Fall Into Temptation Co-Stars

Article by Jacqueline
Posted: October 18, 2018

Fall into temptation stars Francisco Pizana and Julia Urbini play the roles of Juan and Lola in the show. Lola is a high school student who starts dating her gym teacher; Juan, only to realize that he is a violent man. Juan is obsessed with Lola so he harasses and beats her when she tries to get away from him. Lola finds out she is pregnant with his child and wants to get rid of it but she eventually decides not to.

Lola and Juan’s relationship is quite complicated on the show but this is not the case in real life. After meeting on the set of Fall into temptation last year, Francisco and Julia started dating and have been sharing their lovely moments together on Instagram.

In one photo, Julia writes; “there were no tricks, our eyes simply coincided at the perfect moment.”

In another photo; Francisco dedicates these lovely words to Julia; “you can doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun moves, doubt that the truth is a lie but never doubt that I love you.”

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