Laws of Love: Will Victoria Choose Adrian?

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Posted: August 06, 2020

It is a while since Victoria’s relationship with Roberto fell apart. They were doing fine, until Victoria saw Roberto with another woman and concluded that he would never stop his womanizing ways. She ended things between them and Roberto has been trying to win her back since.

With Roberto out of the picture, Adrian took the chance to pursue Victoria and the two are getting to know each other. With Adrian always around Victoria, Roberto lacks the opportunity to explain things and rekindle things with Victoria.

Recently, Victoria went on a trip with both Adrian and Roberto. After they finished the case they were handling, they went out to celebrate. Victoria however pushed Roberto to go out with another woman. After Roberto left, Adrian was able express his feelings to Victoria and take their relationship to the next step.

Now that Adrian has made his intentions clear with Victoria, do you think she will choose him? You can follow Laws of Love on Citizen TV to find out how this plot unfolds!

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