Laws of Love: Roberto and Victoria Fall Out

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 28, 2020  

The second season of Laws of Love has not seen the best outcome for Roberto and Victoria. Roberto has been relentlessly wooing Victoria since the beginning. However, his womanizing ways made Victoria keep her distance because she was looking for something serious and did not want to get hurt.

Roberto’s tenacity seemed to have paid off as Victoria began to let her guard down. She let him stay at her house when their law firm was getting death threats and they became closer. Alejandra, a close friend of Victoria encouraged her to admit her feelings for Roberto and purse a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, Roberto was ready to give up his womanizing ways because of Victoria. He too began turn down numerous advances aimed his way. Unfortunately, Victoria saw him bringing a woman to a taxi and assumed that Roberto went home with her. Roberto tried to explain the situation but Victoria would not believe him. She therefore assumed that Roberto is not serious about her and only wants to have a good time.

Currently, an air of animosity surrounds their every encounter. Roberto is desperate to win back Victoria but she will not listen to him.  Do you think Roberto should give up or continue fighting for Victoria?


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