Laws of Love: Carlos is Released!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 23, 2019  

The newest development on Laws of Love is the release of Carlos Ibarra. He was arrested on the day of his wedding to Alejandra for killing a woman who attended his bachelor party. Alejandra was distraught to find out that the person she was about to marry cheated on her before their wedding and wanted to end his relationship with him. Carlos however asked that they wait until he was released so they could sort things out.

Alejandra started seeing Ricardo while Carlos was in jail and the two of them seem to have developed a special connection. With Carlos’ release, the situation has become difficult for Alejandra since she now had to choose between him and Ricardo.

Carlos insists on sorting things out with Alejandra so he and Alejandra could continue where they left off but Alejandra was to end it with him and continue building her relationship with Ricardo. This will not be an easy feat since Carlos insists that Alejandra forgive him and give them another chance. Do you think Alejandra will forgive Carlos?


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