Laws of Love: Alan is Exposed!

Article by Flora
Posted: September 03, 2020

Alan’s has finally been exposed as Patricia’s killer! This incident was the foundation of the show as his cousin; Carlos was convicted for her murder. He spent the night with Patricia during his bachelor party but she ended up dead and Carlos was sent to jail on the day he was supposed to marry Alejandra. The incident led to their falling out as Alejandra broke up with him and went to work at the Dela Vega lawfirm where she met Ricardo. Fortunately, Carlos was released because there was no evidence to implicate him and Patricia’s boyfriend was implicated as the killer.

Alan was revealed as Patricia’s killer during the end of the first season, his motivation being to implicate Carlos and take over his law firm. He made a deal with Tellez, the lawyer who defended Patricia’s boyfriend and they were able to get him convicted. This however became a problem for Alan as Tellez blackmailed him for money and threatened to tell Carlos the truth about Patricia’s death. Alan decided to kill him too and tried to cover his tracks. The police however linked him to the murder and he was arrested.

Carlos took over Alan’s defense in court after Alan swore that he had nothing to do with the lawyer’s death. Unfortunately, the prosecution was able to prove that Alan was involved from the recordings on Tellez’s phone. Carlos also found out that Alan was the one who killed Patricia. The two cousins are now at cross roads with each other and Carlos has abandoned Alan. Alan has no one to help him and might expose Carlos’ illegal transactions with Ciego to get back at him.

How will the fight between the cousins end? Follow Laws of Love on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

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