Laws of Love: Adrian and Roberto Fight over Victoria

Article by Flora
Posted: September 17, 2020

The love triangle intensifies as Adrian and Roberto continue to fight for Victoria’s affection. Roberto had to step away from Victoria after the two of them fell out, giving Adrian a chance to pursue her. Roberto however found out that Adrian was married and was afraid that he would end up hurting Victoria.

As it turns out, Adrian married his best friend Debbie, who is an American citizen. He did this to settle his papers when he was studying and working in the United States five years ago. They decided to get divorced because Debbie was engaged to marry someone else. She therefore went to Mexico to settle the papers. Adrian told Victoria everything and even introduced her to Debbie when she visited.

Roberto met Debbie when she arrived at the office and was shocked to find out that Adrian was married. He rushed to tell Victoria but was surprised to find out that she already knew and even worse, that she was not angry. He was upset because she trusted Adrian but never gave him that same courtesy. He was hurt and took iy to mean that Victoria liked Adrian more.

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Later, Roberto confronted Adrian and warned him against hurting Victoria. The two are now in a rivalry to see who will win over Victoria in the end. Who are you rooting for?

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