Know Your Olympian: Kipchoge Keino

Know Your Olympian: Kipchoge Keino

kipchoge keino

The man needs no introduction. He is a legendary in running strides. Here are 10 Things you probably did not know about Olympian Kipchoge Keino.

1. He is the first recipient of the Olympic Laurel award at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony. His award was an honour to him as an Olympian and to Kenya as a country.

Kipchoge Keino

2. He is a legendary middle-distance runner. He is an outstanding sportsman and a 2-time Olympic gold medallist.

kipchonge keino

3. He spent 11 years as a sportsman for 11 good years. H began his successful career in 1962 and retired in 1973.


4. He is 76 years old… and still doesn’t look a day past 50.


5. Currently, the Olympian continues his amazing work as Chairman of the Kenyan Olympic Committee (KOC).


6. Keino has successfully opened a children’s home, which is today home to almost 100 Kenyan orphans.

kipchoge keino

7. He has also opened the Kip Keino Primary School & the Kip Keino High Performance Training Centre, welcoming the most promising athletes in Kenya.


8. He was brought up by his aunt, following the death of both his parents.

Kipchog keino

9. He is married to wife, Phyllis Keino and together, they have a son called Martin Keino, who was a two-time NCAA champion and highly successful pace-setter.

martin keino

10. He has participated in a total of 4 Olympic Games: Twice in Mexico City and twice in Munich, Germany.

kipchoge keino

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