Kiswahili Kitukuzwe! 5 Kiswahili Books Your Kids Will Love

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Posted: August 04, 2020

Make the kids ditch the devices for a while and instead get lost in the magical world of literature by Kiswahili authors. Foster a reading culture in your home and help your kids polish their Kiswahili with books from Akili & Me. Akili and Me is a Kenyan- Tanzanian edutainment company from Ubongo Media, creators of Ubongo Kids and they have recently released a collection of childrens’ books from their youngest authors (Aged 16-25) 


Here are 5 books from the collection:

Mwizi wa Ndizi (Banana Thief) Age 5 & Up

Bananas keep disappearing from Grandma’s house . Who is the culprit? It’s not who you think! The kids will enjoy solving this riveting mystery.

Heka Heka za  Panya  Kibenya (Adventures of Kibenya the Rat) Age 8 & Up

Kibenya the rat gets into all sorts of unhinged adventures in town. The kids will guffaw at the ridiculousness.

Mwili Wangu ni wa… (My body is for…) Age 10 & Up

This book explores how our body functions. Biology broken down for kids in Kiswahili. How cool is that?

Unapenda Kufanya Nini? (What do you like to do?) Age 5 & Up

A group of kids discuss what they like to do in their spare time. An exploration of hobbies.

Rangi za Upinde wa Mvua (Colours of the Rainbow) Age 3 & Up

A colourful poetry book written in simple Kiswahili.


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