Key Things to Consider Before You Start Filming Abroad

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Posted: October 06, 2017  

Filming key scenes overseas is great for a number of reasons. Not only can it provide interesting and believable backdrops, it can provide a real feel of authenticity to your project. However, if it’s your production team’s first time then you might not fully appreciate that there are a number of considerations you need to make first, before you simply head abroad and start shooting.

Get to know the location

If you haven’t already sent scouts out to assess the location, then this is something worth doing first to make sure you’ve found something suitable for the scenes you want to shoot. While doing so you should think about accessibility and what amenities are nearby to use during your stay.

Think about tax

Certain countries also offer tax breaks for different filming purposes. This is something you should look at as well, as you might be pleasantly surprised. Equally though, depending on the nature of what you’re filming and where, you could face higher tax payments.

Consider the logistics

Another cost aspect is how you’re going to get everything from your crew, to your actors, gear and even catering across to your chosen destination. There are plenty of options when it comes to international carriers, but it’s probably worth choosing someone who has experience in this field, so you can trust you and your items are in safe hands.

Check the legal requirements

In a similar vein to taxes, certain countries have strict regulations on what content can be created and what views or beliefs can be expressed. It might be that you need to be granted special permission first, or that you need support in getting Visas, access or rights to work for your teams. Also, you should have any release forms ready, if you’re going to film any person(s) outside of your immediate team.

Ensure your teams are covered

To build on this, insurance cover should also be taken out in the event of any issues or problems you face when shooting. It can be a good idea to carry out a filming personnel risk assessment with this to identify any potential problems to inform what insurance cover you might need.

Ultimately, if you don’t put all the right steps in place, not only could you risk wasting the time and effort of your team, you could put them at risk as well. What’s more, you’ll end up back at square one without the footage you’d initially wanted. So, consider this advice and make sure your filming endeavours are secure, before you get behind the cameras.


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