Kenyans During Black Friday: Stats Reveal What Happens

Article by Brian Kasaine
Posted: November 06, 2018  

Black Friday is here and we just can’t keep our wallets closed.

Electronics, clothes, shoes, books and other products sell at discounted prices from various stores. Most Kenyans save up through months awaiting this heyday.

Interesting statistics have been published by Black Friday Global analysis team, after conducting surveys in 55 countries, and Kenya was one of the countries they narrowed in on.

Do you know how much an average Kenyan will spend on Black Friday? What about the percentage postulated to shop online only? And what products are the most targeted? Come with me, let’s figure it out

Black Friday (Kenya) stats by Black Friday Global analysis team

1. There are Kenyans still in the dark about what Black Friday is. When the craze is on, they are on the move with their usual hurly-burly lives. It is estimated that only 48% of Kenyans know what Black Friday is

2. An average Kenyan will spend about, Ksh. 7500 during the Black Friday ride through shelves screaming to have the discounted products off them. The analysis team went further to turn their focus wheel for clearer; finer details, and they found out that the most targeted products in Kenya are clothes, electronics, and shoes

3. Despite 48% of Kenyans being aware of what Black Friday is, it’s estimated that only 30% will participate this year

4. Tech is influencing and taking over more and more with each tick of the clock. Let’s shop online, in the comfort of our houses, offices and hangout joints! That seems to be the resolve of most Kenyans, with 60% of consumers estimated to shop online. The remaining percentage go with traditional offline-only and multi-channel option, with 18% and 22% respectively.

Shopping is always a great experience during Black Friday; you get to put more in your cart, for less. How much have you saved on products so far?

For more Black Friday stats by the researchers, click here


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