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Top 7 Online Sex Toys Stores in Kenya

13 May 2015 | By Wangechi Maina

Long gone are the days when sex used to be a once monthly, missionary position and hushed affair in the country. Kenyans are upping their bedroom game and these are some of the top online shops they’re visiting albeit discreetly to spice up their sex lives:

1| Doctor Crocodildo

Kenyan Online Sex Toys Stores

The originality of its name and the accompanying catchy tagline places this site at the top. Doctor Crocodildo supports the Dream Children’s’ Home in Ngong’. It has the widest variety of products: normal toys, bondage, accessories, lubricants and condoms.

It even has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

The doctor’s T&Cs however clearly state that replacements or refunds can only happen if malfunction of a delivered item is reported 2hours within receipt. No bueno.

2| Raha Toys

This is home of the best and cheapest bedroom toys in the country. Good news considering they are the widest selection of products which fall under numerous different categories and sub-categories most ending with the suffix –ators and –ildos; and words probes, plugs and gags.

What about Raha Toys’ return policy you ask? It says “if you become dissatisfied with an item for any reason whatsoever during the first 30 days of ownership, then you can return the item to us for a replacement, an alternate selection or a full refund. If an item does not perform because of a manufacturer’s defect, then return it to us. We’ll replace it without charge”.

The store’s 1, 111 Facebook fans give it a stamp of approval. Raha Toys promises discreet packaging with its deliveries ;-)

3| Kenya Secrets

Kenyan Online Sex Toys Stores

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, this is not the site to click on a random Wednesday afternoon at the office! The slide of their multi-coloured, including flesh-coloured, merchandise can’t be seen be missed.

But the good news is, this shop offers free delivery anywhere in Kenya. They also deliver to Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

It’s simply laid out and products categorized under three main clusters ‘ladies’, men’s and couple’s toys’ which are further divided into clear sub-categories. If you’re a beginner, Kenya Secrets is the store for you.

4| Secrets Kenya- Kenya’s Best Online Sex Toys Shop

This store has the most risqué collection of products including over 30 different toys for ladies and an inflatable (to the size of a human woman) sex doll! I’m not making any of these up!

5| Pazuri Place

Kenyan Online Sex Toys Stores

This site boasts of service to eight different countries in the wider East African region including the DRC and South Sudan and claims to be the “Baba Yao of adult products in Kenya” . It includes client testimonials and an online tracking tool to keep track of your purchases from the time you place an order to when it’s delivered. Too much is going on Pazuri Place, you don’t even know what kind of site you’re on until you scroll halfway through its home page.

6| Burlesque Naughty Little Things

Kenyan Online Sex Toys Stores
Burlesque’s site is still under construction but it conducts its business on its Facebook page which has 14, 000 strong likes. It’s also not really a sex toy shop but its classic, over-the-top, wild and themed-to--specific-occasions lingerie collection range makes it worthy of a mention.

7| SKenya- Welcome to Secrets Kenya

Kenyan Online Sex Toys Stores

Not to be confused with number four above (, offers a variety of colourful sex toys, with not-so-subtle descriptions of their use, at exorbitant prices. It also stock libido enhancing medicine.

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