KenyaBuzz Interview: 10 Questions With Sculptor Joyce Atudo

Article by Lena Anyuolo
Posted: May 17, 2019

Joyce Atudo is a budding sculptor, stylist, activist, and a law student. I caught up with her to find out more about her art and what inspires it.

KenyaBuzz: Was there a defining moment when you decided to pursue art?
Joyce Atudo:
There really wasn’t a defining moment per se. I’ve always loved art ever since I could remember. My mum told me that I learned colours before I learned how to count. I loved painting, drawing, (clay) modelling…creating is and has always been fun and relaxing to me. My passion for art? I was born with it. Art has always been a part of me and my favourite thing to do.

KenyaBuzz: Please tell us the process of making your art?
JA: If I told you I’d have to kill you. Kidding. I usually use mannequins or real-life models as moulds to create my sculptures. I cut different fabric(or paper)into different sizes depending on a couple of factors…ie colour, texture, design, pattern..etc). I then stick the fabric/paper making sure it takes the shape of the mould and leave it to dry. Once the sculpture is dry. I vanish it, leave it to dry again and viola….a masterpiece lives!

KenyaBuzz: How would you describe your art in 140 characters?
JA: Wow this is harder than writing a bio on a dating site. All I can say about my art is that it’s beautiful, African, eco-friendly ( I use upcycled material) and quite unique.

KenyaBuzz: What influences your art?
JA: The beauty that is mother nature, the female body, Africa, and my mood.

KenyaBuzz: Is there an artist from history (real or fictional) that you would like to meet?
JA: I’d like to meet as many artists as I can in this lifetime.

KenyaBuzz: Which artist would you like to collaborate with?
JA: I love the new age contemporary African artists and it would be an honour to collaborate with any one of them.

KenyaBuzz: If you could be born in another period in time, when would it be?
JA: When patriarchy didn’t/doesn’t exist.

KenyaBuzz: Are you currently exhibiting in any galleries or have you had art shows in the past?
JA: I, unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to exhibit my work anywhere…mainly because it’s different and I really don’t know where to start and also because I recently just started sculpting about four months ago. If you’re reading this and can help please reach out.

KenyaBuzz: Which is the last art exhibition that you went to? What did you like about it?
JA: I recently attended a small private pre-exhibition of a gallery that is yet to open and it was absolutely beautiful. I liked the fact that all the pieces were by Kenyan artists.

KenyaBuzz: Do you have a favourite artwork?
JA: Art is so dynamic and diverse it’s literally impossible (at least to me) to have a favourite piece but if we’re talking about favourites I really love African art in general. Everything about it.

KenyaBuzz: Apart from visual art, what else do you do?
JA: I am a stylist, an activist, a model, a professional meme sharer and enthusiast(ask about me)and a law student.

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