KB Interviews: Elvis Who on New ‘Turn Up’ Collab with Mayonde and VDJ Space

Article by Oliver
Posted: July 01, 2019

KB: Thanks for coming today Elvis. First off, how would you describe your creative process in songwriting?

Thanks for having me. My creative process is just so random. I could get an idea from almost anything; sometimes I go to sleep and literally wake up with a full song in my head.

KB: Great! Mayonde, VDJ Space and you have a new song dubbed ‘Turn Up’. How did you guys get together to create the new banger in town?

DJ Space called me up and he was like, “Yo, I have Mayonde in studio and there’s a song we are working on,” and he thought I would be a nice fit for it. I was like, “Yeah, sure!” I got to the studio, he played a dance hall track for me, and at first I was like, “wait, this is not my style. Why would you think I’d be a good fit for this song?”. I however vibed to it a bit, walked out and came back with a verse within 30 minutes.

KB: And of course, the video indeed brings out that dance hall vibe on the record. Who was the creative genius behind this mind boggling concept?

It was Space and Sammy Dee. They were going for a street vibe, something kinda like Rihanna’s “Work” video, of course very lively, young and colorful.

KB: How would you describe the fans’ reception to “Turn Up” since its release, from your perspective?

Generally, people love it, but from my perspective, it’s kind of a mixed response. Mixed in the sense that my fans are used to me (like) really singing in a song, but I was just vibing to “Turn Up”. A lot of them do love the fact that I can manage different styles. It shows versatility.

KB: Any new projects we can expect from you this year?

Yes, I’m producing a new single very soon, currently being mixed and mastered. I’ll release the audio first then video next.

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