Kalabars: Finally, the Afrocentric Streaming Service We Deserve

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: February 08, 2018

Poverty, disease and war; Africa has a history of negative portrayal in TV, film and media. But if you’ve spent half a moment on the continent, you know how awfully wrong this archaic perception is. Africa is rich, beautiful, full of life.

Does the blame partly lie on us? Probably. Africa’s pitiful image has been cultivated because we haven’t taken control of our own narratives and largely left it to foreigners to tell our stories. But a new revolutionary platform for African content producers looks to do its part in reversing the story – it’s called Kalabars.

Kalabars is a streaming and video-on-demand product by Nairobi-based arts collective Creatives Garage. It enables you to view quality music videos, audios, films, series content on your smart device as long as you have access to internet. Finally, a platform to purely showcase positive and rich African stories across all formats.

The platform will assist content creators from all over Africa to reach the appropriate audiences which provides the ultimate growth atmosphere with the probability of gaining attractive recognition.

Additionally, the contributors will benefit from their pay per click formula and an even more attractive non-exclusivity clause which will ensure they maximize their revenues. If you’re a content producer, be it visual, film and the likes then this is an opportunity you can’t miss out on.

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