Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer Promises An Even Funnier Dwayne Johnson

Article by Mari
Posted: July 03, 2019  

The 2017 Dwayne Johnson reboot of Jumanji was such a hit that a sequel was definitely inevitable. While it was marketed as a kind of reboot-sequel of the Robin Williams original, it came with its own unique brand- even changing the game from a board game to an Atari.

The gang returns in this new sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level and things look bigger, faster and perhaps even more entertaining. Spencer appears to be struggling with something and he is seen twiddling with the motherboard of the Jumanji game. After getting zapped, he disappears- presumably into the game and now the gang of old friends has to go into Jumanji to find him.

When they return into there however, things aren’t like last time. Dwayne Johnson is now Grandpa Eddy (Danny DeVito. Kevin Hart is Milo Walker- a friend of Grandpa Eddy. Jack Black is Fridge. Karen Gillan is Martha. The whereabouts of Bethany and Spencer are unknown.

“This next level is even more challenging,” the game’s host reminds them, “And remember the future of Jumanji is in your hands.”

Grandpa Eddy then asks, “I have one question. Who is Jumajee?”

Milo Walker answers helpfully, “Is that Barbara’s boy?”

Nick Jonas and Awkafina make a brief appearance. There is a series of explosions, Jack Black being eaten head first by a giant snake and the gang getting chased by monkeys across a narrow bridge. This new iteration promises to be hilarious and action packed.

The movie premieres Christmas this year. Dwayne Johnson playing a senior Danny DeVito sounds like a ball to be had. We’re sold.



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