Jidenna Private Party at Concord Hotel and Suites- Fab or Drab

Jidenna Private Party at Concord Hotel and Suites- Fab or Drab

The American artist famously known for his song  "Classic Man" had his private party at the glamorous Concord Hotel in Parklands over the past weekend. The club was jam packed with the artist's fans who were excited to meet the artists as well as mingle with other Kenyan artists such as Fena and Muthoni the Drama Queen. Here's a list of fab and drab moments of the party:

1. Jidenna

The American artist is quite an eye candy. He was clad in all white which made him look even more ravishing. Jidenna interacted with a lot of Kenyan artists such as MDQ, Kaz amongst other fans such as an artist who had drawn a portrait of him.


2. The Venue
The Concord Hotel was the perfect venue for any private party because of its exquisite architecture and perfection in design. The interior is beautiful to say the least and the staff are very friendly and ready to help guests.

1. Disorganized
The event planners did not gather up the appropriate list of the attendees and this caused a lot of waste of time at the entrance causing commotion because the media representatives and invited guests had to make calls and convince the bouncers that they were actually invited.

What's more, the media that was assured to get into the VVIP were left looking like idiots staring inside the room where Jidenna was. Priority was of course given to Kenyan artists as well as the organizers friends. It was not until around 10 pm that the media was let in to the room.

Furthermore, the tables were not reserved in good time and this forced the invited guests to continuously get moved from one  table to the other. 

2. Limited Food and Drinks

This by far has to be the most appalling open bar in history. The event that was meant to start at 5pm picked up at 8pm. The open bar ran from 5pm to 7pm within which the Hennessy bottle being used to make the cocktails ran out for well over 40 minutes.
The bitings offered were sushi and stir fry vegetables, chicken and beef. In as much as thebitings were delicious, the serving  not only started very late but was also closed in less than two hours.

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