‘Jason Bourne’ Review: A Movie Haunted By Past Glories

‘Jason Bourne’ Review: A Movie Haunted By Past Glories

Jason Bourne Review

It’s been nine years since we last got to see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. And FINALLY this year he reprises his role as the wanted ex-CIA operative.

Bourne is lured out of hiding by his friend to try and discover truths about his past. Paul Greengrass too reunites with Damon as director. He directed The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, the second and third movies in this globetrotting franchise. The legendary Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Stiles returning as Nicky Parsons, and the dexterous Alicia Vikander complete the main cast.

The films of the Bourne franchise have been some of the most entertaining and successful pieces of cinema creation in the spy fiction genre, well, excluding 2012’s The Bourne Legacy that did not live up to the high standards of the previous three.

Great stories, even better action and masterful directing have been the hallmark of this franchise. So going into the theaters, I was pumped for this one. As expected, the action was great; Greengrass keeps the action grounded, avoiding over the top sequences as seen in a lot of movies of this kind nowadays.

Greengrass also favors the shaky camera shot which we’ve seen from his previous Bourne films. This style looks good in the first act where there is a lot of chaos taking place; it keeps the audiences constantly searching for the characters, although, there were times it did not work for me. Especially close to the end of the film when there are but two characters confronting each other. The editing here was not very good.

The acting is a great plus. Each cast member is well suited for their role. However, my strongest problem with the film is the story. It doesn’t reach the level of intrigue that the first three did. Even reviewing it for merits as a standalone movie, it doesn’t hold up, characterized by subpar sub-plots and culminating into a weak finish.

Not the best Bourne film, unfortunately. But still enjoyable as a summer flick. Definitely worth seeing in the theaters. I rate Jason Bourne 3/5.




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