I’ve Known You All My Life: Olmo Proposes to Vera!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: September 09, 2021  

Olmo has finally proposed to Vera! After losing his wife, Olmo believed that he would never love again but that perception changed ever since he met Vera.

After the death of Vera’s mother, Olmo took it upon himself to support her and help her get through the ordeal. Unfortunately, he is not aware that Vera is only with him to get revenge for Antonia’s death. Fausto managed to convince Vera to help him with his plans by telling her that Olmo had Antonia. He showed her manipulated evidence to make her think that Olmo was indeed involved.

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Meanwhile, Olmo put Vera on a pedestal and even let her sit on his ex-wife’s chair, which had been empty for over 30 years. He however had to battle with his own jealousy towards Julio after he found out that Julio was Vera’s ex. He suspected that Julio is Nico’s father but Vera assured him that things between her and Julio were over.

Even with all the affection that Olmo has been showing Vera, he still feels that she acts cold towards him. He fears that she might slip away and is most eager to make her commit to him, hence the unexpected proposal.

Do you think Vera will accept Olmo’s proposal?

You can follow I’ve Known You All My Life on Citizen TV at 10:00 pm from Sunday through Wednesday.

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