I’ve Known You All My Life: Fausto Kills Antonia!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 26, 2021  

Antonia is no more! Her ex-partner Fausto orchestrated her death, in order to make Vera help him with his plans against Olmo Caceres.

Fausto was Olmo’s business partner but he betrayed him by tying to kill Fausto. Fausto survived and went on to build his own business enterprise, which he plans to use against Olmo. He however had to stay in hiding, so he made his daughter, Vera and her mother, Antonia believe that he was dead.

Vera met Olmo and the Caceres family while applying for a job as a designer for their new hotel. Olmo instantly fell in love with her as she reminded him of his deceased wife. Vera was surprised to find out that Olmo is Pedro’s adopted father. She doesn’t want Pedro finding out that they had a son together so she decided to reject the job. She planned to leave Mexico and return to Spain but Fausto suddenly reappeared, asking her to help him with his revenge against Olmo. Vera refused to help him because he had abandoned them and was more eager to leave.

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To force Vera’s hand, Fausto visited Antonia and killed her. His plan is to make Vera think that Olmo is the one who killed her mother. She will therefore have to agree to help him take revenge against Olmo. Will Vera finally agree to help Fausto?

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