Israeli Wine & Chocolate Tasting at dusitD2 – Fab or Drab

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Posted: September 04, 2017  

Israeli Wine & Chocolate Tasting at dusitD2 – Fab or Drab

The fantastic September edition of the monthly Israeli Wine Tasting happened this past Saturday at the Den, inside the dusitD2 along Riverside Drive. For this edition, the guests got to enjoy the legacy of 3000 years of wine-making, with six authentic Israeli wines on the menu; the Israeli Shiraz which was the most aged wine of the night, the Israeli Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamla Rose, Gamla Chardonnay, Israeli Riesling and Israeli Zinfandel Rose.

The wines imported by the event host Noam Orr’s company Baraka Israel company are sourced from vineyards that have been providing wine for over 100 years, so you’re assured of getting the best of the best.

1.Noam Orr
Noam was the sommelier and organizer of the event, he was purely entertaining. He kept the guests’ ribs cracking the whole time with his unending jokes. The session was very educating, he taught the guests how to hold their glasses while drinking it and he also schooled them on how to distinguish various ages and types of wine. If you’re the type of person who is completely blank when it comes to wine, but you also live for that glass of wine then this is a much-needed session for you.

2. The Guests
The guests were equally as funny as the sommelier. They were very interactive towards each other and there was a lot of positive energy that was filling the room.

3. The Wine
The wine was a vast variety and ranged from white dry to red dry and sweet wine as well as rose and made this perfect for people with a wide range of tastes. The Gamla Rose was the best pick for majority of Kenyans in the room, and this was because – according to Noam- Kenyans have a sweet tooth.

4. The Chocolate
“Say it with chocolate” is a dairy-free chocolate brand whose founder, Jazeera was present at the wine tasting and would advise the crowd on the right chocolate for each wine. All her products are organic and the cocoa is sourced from Ghana, Madagascar and Ivory Coast- there was a wide range provided such as banana (which is sourced from Uganda), coffee, blueberry, butterscotch among others.

5. The Staff
The waiters were so friendly and quick in serving the wine. Their response time was also equally as fast when the guests had some needs. They were also very well groomed.

1.    Time
This is usually the main problem with very good events. The time always has a way of flying and the guests are left wishing it could be extended for even just n hour.

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