Is the Christmas Tree Hairstyle the New Trend in Town?

Article by Nuru Bahashwan
Posted: December 21, 2018  

Yes, I said it. A Christmas tree on your head. No, not literally of course.

Hair has become a tool for how people choose to express themselves. Curly, straight. Wavey, nappy. It’s all the same struggle in one way or another. Ever wished to create a bold look to resonate with your personality? Your alter-ego? Yes, this is possible and we know how.

The answer is… HAIR. Wear it short, wear it long, wear it flat ironed, wear it twisted. However you decide to wear it, Go crazy! What do you have to lose anyway?

This time of the year is festive and what’s the best way to spread the holiday spirit then drawing attention to your head. The Christmas tree hairstyle might be the craziest trend to ever exist. You thought the mohawk was a bit extreme? You thought wrong.

This look is totally inspired by the jolly holiday and it basically is an upside-down cone, floating on your head.

How to achieve this look?

All you need is an empty water bottle, cone or several bun hair ties and place it on your head. Wrap your hair around them and use A LOT of hairspray to hold it all together and Viola! You have a Christmas tree on your head. To make his look more interesting, you can decorate your tree with ornaments. Some people go to the extent of dyeing their hair green. Just make sure you’ve pinned them well to your hair.

Bizzare, right? If you wish to try this look out, you can watch the tutorial below.


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