Is One Emergency Pill Enough?

Article by Love Matters
Posted: August 31, 2020  

Will one emergency contraceptive pill be enough if we had unprotected sex multiple times the night before?

Safe sex is one of my favourite topics. No, it’s not my favourite in that way, silly – it’s just that I like talking about this issue.
Though many people love the act, too! Some do it in the name of pleasure; others call it ‘getting swept away in the moment’; and yet others blame the rain or even Bollywood movie songs.

One pill is enough but…

But to answer your question… The thing is, usually one birth control method is enough. An e-pill will either work or it won’t. It doesn’t really matter how many times you had unprotected sex in one night.

Emergency contraceptive pills – also known as ‘morning-after’ pills, and not to be confused with the abortion pill or the regular birth control pill– work the same as regular birth control pills in that they prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation. The only difference is the dosage and the shorter time period in which it works.

But since these pills can also have additional side effects, let’s be very clear: these pills should only be used in emergencies.

So you can have a sigh of relief now. But you need to understand that an emergency contraceptive pill should not be used as a regular form of birth control. I may be very liberal and open-minded, but unprotected sex really doesn’t go well with me. Just don’t do it. 

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