Interview with the Masterminds Behind Esiankiki Fashion Wear

Meet Brian Matthewz and Ian Omondi , Architecture majors at the University of Nairobi, who beat all odds by starting a fashion line known as Taisere Designs and who recently unveiled their new line 'Esiankiki' that deals with bespoke suits for men, ladies fashion as well as kid's wear.

1. What sparked your interest in fashion? 
 Fashion is one of the key forms of self expression. We have always been intrigued by how designers are able to incite different emotions through their pieces and two years ago we made a conscious decision to join this field and share with the world how we interpret fashion through our designs.

2. How long have you been in the fashion industry? 
 Taisere designs has been around for close to 2 years now.

3. What inspired your brands name? 
When we were starting our company, our main goal was to come up with new contemporary designs that have a touch of elegance and can be worn by any individual. We also wanted our designs to be different, something never seen before, and strive to always come up with bold new designs that haven't been seen yet especially in the Kenyan market. Taisere is a Maasai word that means "tomorrow". No one knows what tomorrow holds so when you hear Taisere Designs, expect the unexpected. 

4. How would you describe your brand? 
At Taisere Designs we aim to strive to offer the quality services that is specifically tailored to each and every customer. At Taisere Designs you don't just buy a suit, we sell you an experience that you will never forget. Our apparels are made to boost confidence while at the same time ensure that our clients are comfortable while donning our outfits.

5. What are some of the problems you have faced as a designer? 
Well first of all, coming up with designs that achieve what we try to strive for is no easy task, it takes a very long time but in the end when we finally come up with any design it's such a rewarding feeling.
Getting tailor's that are able to share in our dreams and bring out our designs has been a rigorous process of very many trial and errors but as we speak we have been able to build a team that we are proud of and looking forward to working with. 

6. Which is your best piece in the line? 
It has to be our jumpsuit. We had a really interesting time designing that particular piece, all the way from getting the angles right to choosing the perfect material for it. When we saw the final piece we were truly overwhelmed and so was the public. We have heard nothing but positive comments about it and that brings us joy as designers. 

7. What is the one thing that people do not know about you? 
I think the biggest surprise to people is that we did not study fashion in school but instead are students of architecture. The good thing about design is the ability of being able to incorporate various principles across the various fields. Whether you are an architect or a painter or a fashion designer we are all guided by the same principles and that helped us immensely when we decided to join the fashion industry. 

8. Apart from fashion design is there any other thing you do? 
Well we are currently 5th year students at the University of Nairobi pursuing an undergraduate degree program in Architecture. We have come to realize that running a business while you are still in school is no easy task but we take it in stride. We love the challenge.

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