Interview with Naomi Musuva: Founder of Health2Organic 

Article by Maureen Kasuku
Posted: January 27, 2021  

Are you still keeping up with your 2021 resolutions? If one of your resolutions was to stay on course with your beauty regimen of hydrating, eating well and using products for clear skin like everyone else on Instagram, then add organic Kenyan products to your routine. Not only are they good for you, but they’re kind to the environment and support local businesses.

Radio personality Adelle Onyango and Instagram star Jaytakeapic swear by Health2organic products. Health2Organic offers organic high grade oils, butter, honey and herbal teas that will provide you with a holistic, beauty and wellness experience. All products are organically sourced and made in Kenya.

We caught up with Health2Organic’s founder Naomi Musuva and she let us in on the roots of her business, her skin care routine and how to keep up with your health resolutions in 2021.

KB: Tell us a bit about Health2Organic. When and why did you start this business?

I’m a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and I’ve been using organic products for the longest time. I started Health2Organic in 2018 as a passion to share my favorite organic products primarily black seed oil which so many people swear by. They say it works for everything except death!  I also started this business as a means to sustain my son and I. 

KB:  We see your business getting tagged a lot on Instagram. Who are your primary clients?

My clientele base is very broad. Primarily, it’s women. Especially those suffering from acne, breakouts & dark spots. Children with eczema, diabetics & people with blood pressure. We even cater to men & women with low libido. We have something for everyone. Even influencers have started coming on board without me having to ask for a shout out.

KB: Let us in on what goes behind producing your products. Where do you source your raw materials and how do you go about processing them?

Our products are mostly homegrown. We’ve even partnered with huge Kenyan companies that export premium grade herbs to markets abroad to secure the finest raw materials for our products right here at home. We don’t believe in using second grade or byproducts at Health2organic. Everything is pure and natural. We are KEBS certified so you know It’s legit.

KB: Why should we all go organic?

If you are seeking longevity and want to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital, I highly recommend you incorporate organic foods and products into your lifestyle. Please don’t wait till you’re sick to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Start now.  

KB: What’s a must have skin care product from Health2Organics?

The blackseed oil! It’s great for all skin types and works for an array of skin conditions.


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KB: Please share with our readers your skin care routine

I wash my face with my blackseed oil soap. Please note it’s not the same thing as black soap. Then, I slather on my blackseed oil which is a 3 in 1 cleanser, toner and moisturiser.  On weekends I use our face mask which is infused with black seeds.


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KB: How can we stay on course with our health conscious new year resolutions?

Start with the small stuff and incorporate it into your routine until it becomes a habit. For example, I always used to have hot chocolate in the morning. I substituted it with hibiscus tea & honey which is a healthier, tastier alternative. Eventually, I got the hang of it and just quit hot chocolate all together.

KB: Finally, What would be in a Health2Organic Valentine’s day package?

I’m so excited for Valentine’s! We shall have our best seller black seed oil, body butters, face masks herbal tea & some organic chocolates. And also, a little something for the lactating mum who may not be able to leave the house. 


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