Interview: It’s Krizbeatz, The Drummer Boy, Talks His Coke Studio Africa Debut

Article by Timothy
Posted: December 14, 2018

Coke Studio Africa is at it again, bringing together artists from all over Africa to celebrate music and art. The event marks the end of a great year in music and artists take this opportunity to collaborate and create tracks to feed the soul.

Chris Alvin Sunday, known as Krizbeatz The Drummer Boy, a producer and sound creator from Lagos, Nigeria had the pleasure to feature in this year’s Coke Studio festivities as one of many the artists. After having a sit down with him to talk about his hit song 911 featuring Yemi Alade and Harmonize at the Supersport Studios, I got the inside on whats to come next for the Nigerian artist.

KenyaBuzz: What genre of music do you work with?
Krizbeatz: I do afro and dance music. Its called ADM for short. You can call it the new wave as well.

KenyaBuzz: So you’re part of the music producers on the upcoming new season of Coke Studio. What does your job on the show entail?
Krizbeatz: Basically, its producing, writing and arranging the music. Besides that, I will be performing as well.

KenyaBuzz: What would you say is the secret to making a Pan African hit across the continent and the world?
Krizbeatz: There’s no formula to it. No secret. You just have to do it the way you feel it, you know? If you love it, I’m sure people will to.

KenyaBuzz: How old were you when you started?
Krizbeatz: I think I was about 17, back in Nigeria.

KenyaBuzz: 911 featuring Yemi Alade and Harmonize is still a major hit across Africa. What should we expect in the future with the collabs you choose to have?
Krizbeatz: You should expect a shutdown from a collaboration between Nandy and Mr. Eazi. Its a beautiful love song.

KenyaBuzz: What do you celebrate most about the African music scene?
Krizbeatz: The togetherness definitely. Everybody coming together to make music, keeping their differences apart.

KenyaBuzz: Are there any personal jobs you’re working on?
Krizbeatz: Oh yeah. I’m working on my own album, the second one. So we’ll be releasing a new one next year. Its going to have a whole lot of artists across Africa and internationally.

KenyaBuzz: What can you say you’ve learnt from this entire experience in music?
Krizbeatz: Don’t lose focus. When everything seems to be crumbling, you always have to keep your eyes on the prize for sure. When you hit your goal, set new goals.

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