Interactive Seminar on Addiction in the Hospitality Industry

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: October 24, 2017  

The informative session that took place at the Tav Irish Pub in Westlands is an initiative by Pernord Ricard in supporting drug addicts and creating awareness of the reality of the disease. Drug addiction in Kenya is a growing concern, and this was made even more evident when Roy, one of the testifiers during the session, mentioned that in the past 10 years over 80 rehabilitation centres have been established.

Shocking fact: the cheapest rate you will get to go to rehab is a whopping Ksh.150,000 . According to a NACADA report, there are over 2 million Kenyans who abuse alcohol while around 600,000 abuse marijuana, tobacco and sheesha and close to 20,000 abuse heroine.

It served as an eye opener to the amount of money splashed over the week by addicts. The session involved the crowd dividing into groups and elaborating on how they would spend one million Kenyan shillings: all of whom gave brilliant ideas that would not only benefit themselves but also the economy at large. The coin was flipped and the crowd also discussed the amount of money spent on alcohol through the week by addicts  and we were shocked to find out that in a year, close to Ksh. 2,000,000 is wasted on alcohol.

There were also testimonies given through the session and three major points to note on the balance to life:

  1. God- grow a relationship with the Most High because it enables you to transfer your pain.
  2. Relationship with family- They will act as a cushion to when you’re struggling with something and they will never leave you.
  3. Peers- surround yourself with people who will help you grow and progress- functional friends will ensure that you prosper.

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