Insured! Get Your Kids an Education Policy Cover

Insured! Get Your Kids an Education Policy Cover

Our kids are our number one priority and we bust our behinds to ensure they get the best out of life. We all agree that education is the best gift you could ever give your child…but it doesn’t come cheap!

It’s still early in the school term and I know y’all have spent a tonne prepping your kids for the new school year. It’s all good but imagine if something were to happen to you and your kids had no one to take care of their needs.  *Gasp*!

I know you’ve seen the heartbreaking stories of children in the news begging for public assistance to join high school. In an alternate universe, our government would keep its promises and education would be free but alas.

That’s why it’s imperative to take out insurance for your kids, folks. Ensure your child will still stay in school if something happens to you by getting them an education policy cover.

It’s a type of life insurance product that is designed as a savings tool which pays a lump sum to cover your children’s education once they attain tertiary level education age (18) or pay their elementary and secondary school fees if their parent dies or is rendered incapable of taking care of their child’s needs.

It’s vital that you choose a policy that gives you access to your funds whenever you need them. An example would be a policy that matures when your kid starts uni or one that allows you to get part of the insurance benefits before the maturity date.

Here are some options you can look at. Please contact the service providers for comprehensive details on products offered.

Britam Super Education Policy

This is offered by Britam Insurance. They have a great combination of savings and insurance protection that allows you to prep for the cost of education. Their policy has a term range of between 10-25 years and a minimum monthly contribution of Ksh. 3,000. They have cash bonuses are payable for the last 6 consecutive years before the plans maturity date.

Career Life by Jubilee Insurance

This education policy by Jubilee Insurance  is designed to save funds on a regular basis to cover your kid’s education costs at various stages of their education.  Their term of the policy is 15 years. While premiums are fixed, there is room for adjustments should your financial circumstances change.

Elimu by APA Insurance

Elimu cover by APA Insurance enables you to build a fund over a period of time, making suitable provision for your child’s school fees requirements as when they are required. It also ensures that the child’s fee required is available even in the untimely death of the policyholder during the term of the policy.

CIC Academia Policy

 CIC Insurance Kenya have premiums that start as low Ksh 2000 per month and you get to earn interest and yearly bonuses from your principal amount.

Educator Plan by Liberty Life Assurance

The educator plan by Liberty Life Assurance Kenya  offers returns in the form of 4 payments before maturity at the rate of 14%, & a final payment of 50% of the sum assured after completion of the full period. You can chose, with extra premiums additional benefits that provide additional protection.

*Would you consider taking out an education policy for your kids? Do you already have one? Let us know by emailing us




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