Innovations in the Automobile Industry

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: October 18, 2017


Lawrence Burns, The Vice President For Research and Development For General Motors has been given the responsibility of implementing a worldwide product portfolio over the next five years which includes 50% innovation in cars and trucks. General Motors has also specified that the remaining 50% of their mentioned products must offer innovative features and technologies that can provide customer benefits and reinforce the correct of the brand.

By utilizing the new process of innovations in the automobile industry, General Motors has been successful in meeting its objective in the current plan. Is anyone aware what innovations in the automobile industry mean to a car or truck? There are several options by which innovation can be incorporated into the automotive market. Existing products can be redefined to create fresh market segments and attack the strongholds of competitors. This is particularly the case where products from the competitors have captured a significant share of the market.

Will Innovations In the Automobile Industry Improve Benefits For Customers?

Innovations made by the automobile industry can certainly prove beneficial for customers. A classic example of an innovation is the introduction of a tiny third door on the Saturn Coupe, which redefined the traditional coupe and began providing benefits to its customers by allowing easy access to the rear seat. The innovation was introduced with the help of the son of a GM dealer who developed the idea, which was accepted by General Motors as a response to market feedback.

It was indeed the innovation of the manufacturers of the Opel Zafira, which was exemplary in creating a fresh market segment. The Zafira has a passenger capacity of seven, but it is noteworthy that all seats except the driver’s can be removed from the vehicle. The manufacturers introduced the simplicity of changing the configuration of seating making the vehicle a tremendous hit. In excess of 100,000 vehicles were sold in 1999, which was the year it was introduced. The sales figures for 2000 were even stronger than the year before. Impressive turn up just like playing free blackjack online here and winning a jackpot.

Fresh Innovations Being Considered By General Motors

General Motors is presently targeting its traditional stronghold of full-size pickup trucks by using materials technology, which made a beginning in their R&D centre. Truckers generally prefer to toss things on the bed of their truck but do not like the looks of their bed when it is dented or scratched. GM has now decided to offer and all composite cargo bed, which will eliminate the requirement of a bed liner and is capable of withstanding higher abuse than conventional beds made from sheet metal. The new lightweight composite box, which is also tough, will be offered later this year as an option with the extended bed FleetSide Silverado that will significantly enhance the brand image of the Silverado as being “Like A Rock.”

Competition among automobile manufacturers is intense and the lack of innovations by any automobile major will give their competitors an opportunity to get better of them and grab a better share of the market. Therefore it is essential for innovations in the automobile industry to be an ongoing process along with research and development.

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