If they Let Us: Sergio Breaks Up with Julieta!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: November 29, 2022  

Sergio has decided to break up with Julieta. He had asked her to leave his house once before but had to let her stay after she told him that they were expecting a child together. He however made up his mind after suffering a heart attack.

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Sergio had not been taking care of his health ever since he broke up with Alicia. She always made sure that he took his medication on time but the task was left to him after they got divorced. Julieta refused to track Sergio’s medication because she claimed it was not her duty. This is how Sergio ended up having a heart attack.

When Sergio was hospitalized, Julieta decided to continue working so that their program would not be cancelled. Alicia therefore stayed to look after Sergio. Julieta was upset when she found out and went to confront her. Sergio finally had enough of her tantrums and decided that it was time for them to break up. Julieta tried to use her pregnancy against him but Sergio said that their child would never lack for anything. He told Julieta to leave his house because he still loved Alicia and wanted to get back together with her.

Will Sergio be able to win Alicia back? What will Julieta do to get back at Sergio?

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