If They Let Us: Martin Gets Fired

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: August 08, 2022  

Martin was fired by Sergio! He was just hired as one of the journalists in the program “The Truth; First and Foremost” but he has been at odds with Sergio since they met. Sergio heavily criticized his work and took the opportunity to fire him the minute it arose.

The grand opportunity came along after Sergio’s affair with Julieta was exposed to the public. He suffered a huge scandal but instead of admitting it, he denied everything. He then made it his mission to find someone to blame. His first suspect was Julieta but she denied having revealed their affair to the media. To hide her guilt, she placed the blame on Martin. She argued that he was the newest employee at the station and he had seen them together.

Sergio fired Martin without letting him defend himself. The two had a heated argument at the station especially since Sergio was mad that Martin was friends with his wife, Alicia. His executive producer, Diablo, decided it was unfair to fire Martin so he quit too. Sergio was worried and tried to woo Diablo to return to work but he refused to do so without Martin.

Will Sergio hire Martin back? Would Martin agree to return to work?

Follow “If they let us” on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday to find out.

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