Batman: 3 Things That Would Make Him Kenyan

Batman: 3 Things That Would Make Him Kenyan

Word has it that Ben Affleck will no longer star as Batman. Sad isn’t it? Well, there’s a Batman reboot that will cast a younger actor who is yet to be revealed. He should be black for once. Make him Kenyan if you may. But here’s the thing, what if, truly, Batman was Kenyan? This is what we’d expect him to do.

  1. Solve crimes

He is the world’s greatest detective so that means he would solve all the mysteries we have in Kenya. Missing money? Batman. Election rigging? Batman. I bet he would also partner up with Cabinet Secretary Matiang’i to get insider information on some of the underworld crimes.

  1. He would be a ‘fisi’

Batman is regarded to as not only a philanthropist but also a playboy. Well, what do we have here? If he were Kenyan, I’m sure he would have all the ladies swooning with his mysterious persona. He would represent Team Mafisi very well. However, do you think he would manage to finance the lives of Kenyan slay queens? He’d invite one for a bottle of Ballantine’s and the chic would bring 6 of her friends. How would he handle that? Hmmm…

  1. Exit Gotham City, Enter Nai-robbery

Gotham is the city where Batman fights crime and in Kenya, we all know how sleazy our city can be. Its petty thieves to those who terrorize people at night. Of course, Nai-robbery would be much safer than Gotham but with the rise of criminal gangs, we sure do need a lot of protecting.

Do you think Batman is cut-out to be Kenyan?




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