I Hit My Wife

Article by Love Matters
Posted: November 25, 2020  

I had a fight with my wife and she said that she would leave with our son. I know I made a mistake by laying my hands on her.

I love my wife and my son and I can’t live without them. Right now I am at work and I know she has left. I am so stressed up. Please help.

How dare you!

Well hello, Mr Wife Beater. Your wife was right to leave you and your violent ways. How dare you put your hands on her? You obviously got enraged and lost control. You scared her and she ran, probably for her life and that of her son. So, now what?

Work on your anger

From your question, I feel you are more than just a violent person. However, this rage and violence might colour many aspects of your life so that your family does not get to interact with what is amazing about you. I invite you to look at this break in your relationship as an opportunity to work on your anger. There is a very useful skill that none of us is taught – conflict resolution. We disagree with other people and especially our partners all the time. Conflict and disagreements are part of married life.

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