I Gave Up My Life: Pedro Calls Off his Wedding with Gina

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: January 14, 2021  

It has been a tough time for Pedro as he grapples with an impossible love. He was planning his marriage to Gina when he suddenly found out about his son, Nicolas. Nicolas was seriously ill and needed a bone marrow transplant. Nicolas’ adoptive parents, Elena and Ernesto approached Pedro and he agreed to help. This is how he ended up finding new love in Elena, and the two gradually began to harbor a special affection for each other.

Ernesto felt threatened as Pedro grew closer to his son and his wife. He therefore decided to move to Houston with his family after Nicolas recovered, hoping to keep them away from Pedro. Pedro begged Elena to stay with him but she would not leave her family to pursue a relationship with him. Pedro thus decided to continue with his plans to marry his long-term girlfriend, Gina.

On the day of the wedding however, Pedro refused to marry Gina. He did this at the altar, in front of their friends and family in attendance, further cementing his feelings for Elena. Will this be his chance to continue his relationship with Elena? Follow I gave Up My Life everyday on Citizen TV at 8:00 pm for more on how the story unfolds.

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