I am the Queen: Yameli is Free!

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: May 20, 2021  

Yameli finally managed to regain her freedom after helping the DEA capture the drug lord, Monchis. This was her mission from the beginning of the show, for which she was promised freedom after 17 years in prison. With 6 years still left to serve, Yameli eagerly took the offer and gave everything to achieve it. She was able to help the police capture the evasive Monchis and eventually earned her freedom.

With Monchis out of the way, Yameli can now give all of her attention to Charly, with whom she holds a personal vendetta. Charly was the reason she ended up in prison after he planted drugs in her suitcase. He also stole her music and went on to make a successful music career. Yameli now plans to destroy everything Charly built during the years she was in prison.

Things might be easy for Yameli as Charly seems to be making this easier for her by always getting himself involved in scandals. The bad publicity now associated with his name has made him lose support from fans and sponsors thus slowly crumbling his career. How far is Yameli willing to go to get her revenge?

You can follow I am the Queen on Citizen TV for more on what Yameli has planned for Charly.

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