I Am the Queen: Yameli Finds Her Son

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: July 15, 2021  

Things have never been easy for Yameli, but her fortune might finally begin to look up. She had to go back to prison again after Charly accused her of killing Diana but she managed to prove her innocence. Charly tried to get her killed before she was released but Yameli survived once more.

After Yameli’s release from prison, she did not waste any time and immediately told Erick that he was her son. The revelation came after Erick told Juanjo that his mother’s name was Yameli. Since Yameli goes by an alias name, Lari, Erick did not know that she was his mother. Juanjo informed Lari and they carried out a DNA test to confirm it. It came back positive and Yameli was reunited with her son.

The news of Erick’s identity came as a shock to everyone, but especially his father Charly. He had always despised him Erick and did not even know that he had a son with Yameli. She is eager to take revenge on him for having sent her to jail, killing Diana and plans to ruin his music career because he stole her songs.

The war between Yameli and Charly is continues, now with Erick caught in the middle. Who will end up the winner? You can follow I am the queen on Citizen TV from Sunday to Wednesday at 10:00 pm

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