I am the Queen: Will Yameli Go Back to Jail?

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: June 24, 2021  

Yameli might soon return to prison after barely managing to win back her freedom. She took a deal offered by the DEA to help them capture Monchis, a wanted international criminal and in exchange for her release. Although it was a difficult task, Yameli worked diligently and eventually managed to help the police catch Monchis. Once free, she was set on making Charlie Flow pay for making her spend 17 years in prison.

To get her revenge, Yameli approached Charlie’s wife Diana, who was in a legal battle with him over separation of property during their divorce. Charlie had been laundering money at their studio, Luxor, and Yameli encouraged Diana to file charges against him. Meanwhile, Charlie sent his thugs to scare Diana so that she would rethink talking to the police. Yameli was at the studio too and tried to help Diana but the incident got out of hand and Diana ended up dead. Charlie staged the crime scene by placing the gun in Yameli’s hand and accused her of killing Diana.

Yameli is now on the run, trying to find ways to prove her innocence. Charlie erased the CCTV footage from the studio so no one could find out what really happened to Yameli and Diana. Charlie blamed Yameli for Diana’s death, and told everyone including the police that Yameli killed Diana. Will Yameli be find a way to escape the murder charge or will she go back to jail?

You can follow I am the Queen on Citizen TV to find out Yameli’s fate.

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